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Original silk shawl of the genuine kimono

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Japanese traditional art "Kimono", you can put on in 1 sec. unique luxury shawls, "Wa-shawl"

和匠流 Wa-shawl

The Japanese traditional costume, the “kimono”, is a work of art, created using traditional craftsmanship. We want to share the charm of Japanese traditional culture, especially that of “kimono”, with people all over the world!
We have made original shawls out of high-quality kimonos. We designed them so that you can enjoy various styles with a single shawl. (The unique design is patent pending.) We’re sure that you will enjoy the gorgeous design of the kimono material with your everyday clothes.
Our original shawls are hand-sewn by craftsmen who are skilled in the art of kimono tailoring.
Before the Meiji period, everyone in Japan wore kimonos. Nowadays people don’t wear kimonos so often in daily life. People generally wear kimonos for special occasions, such as Coming-of-Age Day, wedding receptions, and so on. It is hard, however, to put on a kimono by oneself. Now the industry and the art of the kimono itself is in crisis because of the declining demand for kimonos.
The production of kimonos requires many specialists; those who weave and dye pure silk fabrics, artists who draw artistic paintings, artisans who delicately embroider the silk, and those who are able to replicate family crests using embroidery and craftsmen who possess the unique skill of sewing Japanese kimonos.
We devised a way to upcycle previously-owned kimonos as a means to stop the decline of the Japanese kimono industry.
This is what we call “Wa-shawl”!