Kimono as an art piece

The Kimono is the native clothing of Japan, and is strong component of traditional Japanese culture.
Kimono silk has a smooth and sophisticated texture. The vibrant and smooth dye on the silk, a notoriously difficult material to dye, speaks to the skill that goes into the Kimono’s production. The patterns are uniquely Japanese, delicate and majestic, just like a painting. They show the skill of the master who depicted them using both the Yuze dying method and embroidery. Patterns include family crests, passed down from one generation to the next.
They are all pieces of art, created using traditional craftsmanship.


A kimono that can be worn in an instant

We wanted to spread the wonderful artistic value of the kimono not only in Japan, but also abroad. This led us to develop a way for people to wear kimonos more easily.
We developed an original shawl, based on the concept of a kimono which can be “worn in an instant”. We made original adjustments by adding hidden magnets, hidden ribbons, and pockets to store the ribbons, to create an original shawl which can be styled in numerous different ways (we have already submitted an application to patent and register the design).
We selected only the highest quality kimono, those cherished by people as kimono, and ones held by Japanese clothing manufacturers and kimono wholesalers. We then had them hand sewn by special kimono tailors who are trained in Japanese sewing techniques to make kimonos.



Kimono in the Present Day ~SDGs and upcycling~

Before the Meiji period, most people in Japan wore kimono daily, but in modern Japan, they are only worn for special occasions, and it has become difficult to wear them even for the Japanese. This resulted in fewer people in Japan wearing kimono, and the kimono industry’s existence is in crisis. By adopting a Wa-shawl style shawl into one’s lifestyle, you will contribute to the continuation and revival of the kimono industry, and the succession of traditional crafts.
A high-quality kimono will be cherished and handed down from generation to generation, but due to the current decline in use of kimonos, many are thrown away. Upcycling the kimono by giving it new life as a shawl and incorporating it into modern fashion is one way for us to contribute to the SDGs.



We want people to casually enjoy the kimono, one of Japan’s native forms of clothing and art, as a shawl over western-style clothes, and increase the joy in their lives.
The Wa-shawl is well-suited to anything from a day out, to wedding parties, to gala parties, or as a stage costume! You can enjoy them as casual wear by wearing them with denim or T-shirts or over your business jacket for ones that have a narrow width.



The origin of the Wa-shawl

“Wa” means Japan, and refers to the high-quality Japanese materials.
“Shawl” (which is a wordplay on “shou” in Japanese characters) refers to the traditional craftsmanship that supports the culture of kimono. It means that it is carefully crafted by hand.
As the shawl was created from a kimono, we named it “Wa-shawl”.


The materials

We use kimonos made out of high-quality silk which were cherished by someone and stored like a treasure. We also use kimonos which were stored at Kimono wholesalers, and use them as an outer material for the shawls after washing them using a specialized cleaning process. The inner material generally uses new pure silk cloth.
We also use custom ordered pure silk for the tassels.



Our company and physical stores

We have a physical store in Kunitachi in Tokyo.
We have been in business for more than thirty years as an original jewelry salon, and as a pearl manufacturer for more than seventy years.
Although we have been designing jewelry, our love of kimono led to the creation of the Wa-shawl.
Please visit our store to see our products in person.
We look forward to your reservation.
Scarlett Co., Ltd. Wa-shawl Division