Laundry and Cleaning

This product cannot be hand-washed or cleaned using conventional dry cleaning.
Because many of our products are made of silk fabric processed using special techniques such as gold leaf (silver leaf) or embroidery, washing them as above may damage the special processing that provides the unique features of this product.


For Partial Light Stains

Soak some benzene into a soft cloth (gauze, etc.) and pat the stained portion lightly to remove the stain. In order to test whether any color fading occurs, dab a little benzene first onto an inconspicuous portion of the fabric that does not easily show. 


Special Cleaning at a Specialized Kimono Cleaning Shop *First Time Free!

Wa-Shawl is affiliated with a specialized cleaning shop that deals exclusively with kimono. It may not be possible to remove all dirt and stains, but cleaning at this shop is available free of charge for your first time within one year following the product’s purchase. All shipping fees are borne by the customer and normal cleaning fees are charged from the second time onward.


Wrinkles and Ironing

The characteristics of silk are such that light wrinkles can be removed simply by hanging the item on a pole and letting the fabric return naturally to form. Because many of these products have been specially processed using gilding and other such materials, ironing these products is not possible in principle. For the other items, make sure to iron at low temperature and avoid using steam except with special processing. Also use an ironing cloth, avoid pressing down hard on the material, and carefully test it out first on an inconspicuous place on the product. 


Storage of Silk Products

Silk is a very delicate material. Following use, spread it out in a well-ventilated location to allow sweat and moisture to evaporate, then store with care to prevent wrinkles. Please not that storing silk in a sunny place may cause the color to fade. Silk is also susceptible to damage from insects, so for long-term storage, it is recommended to include an insect repellent suitable for clothing in the drawer along with the silk product. In places with high humidity, mold can form on the clothing, so store in a well-ventilated location rather than a closed contained an in a bag made of non-woven fabric or, in some cases, together with a dehumidifying agent